INPEING, two days after surgery
Over 4,000 children are born with cleft lip and/or palate every year in Laos, and only one Lao plastic surgeon in the country is trained to repair them. Parents from around the country brought their children to the capital for YCMF-sponsored surgery. 

LAPAROSCOPY SET-UP on its way to the surgical unit at Mahosot Hospital in Laos


York County Medical Foundation, Inc.
York County Medical Foundation was founded in 1991 primarily to provide free care and surgical procedures to the poor, at home and in developing nations.
Dr. Vasudevan Tiruchelvam (“Dr. Tiru”), foundation president, and his surgical teams perform free surgical procedures in third-world regions and bring both children and adults from undeveloped areas to York, Pennsylvania for critical surgeries that are unavailable in their native countries. In addition to its work abroad, YCMF contributes to a wide variety of local organizations.
Most recently, the foundation has met the local needs through:
The American Red Cross.
Susan Byrnes Health Center for vaping cessation in the local school systems
Martin Memorial Library donating money for children's books
Camp Can-Do for children with cancer from York County.
Historically the foundation has focused on three areas of pressing need:

Housing in Sri Lanka: The 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean left 30,000 dead in Sri Lanka and destroyed 100,000 coastal homes. York County Medical Foundation has constructed 15 new homes there for families left homeless by the disaster.

Clinic in post-Katrina New Orleans: When health care for poor women was unavailable after Katrina, York County Medical Foundation raised funds to open the New Orleans Women's Health Clinic. The free clinic opened its doors on May 1, 2007.

2006, 2008 Missions to Laos: In 2006 York County Medical Foundation donated $25,000 in laparoscopic equipment to the major teaching hospital in Laos, and sent a surgical team of 13 volunteers to this impoverished nation to provide free cleft lip and palate repairs to children, laparoscopic surgeries and training, and OBGYN procedures.

A YCMF surgical team returned to Laos in 2008 to donate laparoscopic equipment to a second, provincial hospital and provide instruction in its use, to repair more children's smiles, and further bridge our two worlds. 

York County Medical Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity recognized by the IRS. Supported entirely by charitable donations, the foundation has no paid fundraisers or paid employees. All donations go directly to the foundation's humanitarian activities and are tax deductible.