December 10, 2006 – Vientiane Times

MORE than thirty patients received a new lease of life last week following cleft-lip and palate surgery and laparoscopy procedures thanks to an American medical organisation. Thirteen doctors from the York County Medical Foundation from the US worked with the surgery team from Mahosot Hospital to perform surgery on 15 patients with cleft lips or palates.

They also carried out laparoscopy, or keyhole, surgery on 18 patients at the Mother and Child Health

Hospital.This is a procedure that involves making a small hole in the abdomen to perform minor surgery, rather than the usual wider incision. During the week-long visit, President of the Foundation Dr Vasudevan Tiruchelvam said he and his team were very pleased to be able to help Lao people. “We hope that we will return to do this in the years to come,” he said. “I also learned some new lessons from Lao doctors.”

A doctor from the Mahosot said this was the first time the foundation had worked with doctors from both hospitals. She added that laparoscopy surgery was a new method that Lao surgeons learned from the foundation team. The foundation also presented a laparoscope and surgery equipment to Mahosot Hospital worth about US$18,000.

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Vientiane Times photo